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outRanking your competitors is our specialty. Are you ready to take the next step? It’s time to outGrow your competition.
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Our Orlando SEO Services are specifically designed to help local businesses increase their organic search traffic through sustainable growth. We integrate our SEO strategies seamlessly with a complete solution to provide a plan of action that targets users across various platforms simultaneously. This results in massive growth for our clients which in turn yields a higher return on investment.


Step 1: We develop an SEO Strategy that targets low hanging fruit that your competitors have neglected. This let’s you gain a strategic advantage over them.


Step 2: Increase your keyword ranks so that you outRank your competitors.


Step 3: As your business grows, we establish your dominance in the market by ranking for major terms across search engines.

Our Proven SEO Process

As an Orlando SEO agency, Simply Search provides a comprehensive range of services designed to help your company achieve a first page result. We use only White-hat SEO techniques that are proven to increase your Search Engine Rank Positions (SERPS) while also keeping in mind future algorithm updates. Here are some of the methods we use to achieve results:

  • Technical SEO – Schema Markup, HTML Cleanup, HTML Markup, etc.
  • Keyword Research and Analysis- We identify keyword ranking opportunities and analyze the best approach to target those terms.
  • Competitor Analysis – One of the best ways to identify preliminary keywords is to complete a competitor analysis and identify what areas they are focusing on.
  • On-site SEO Strategies – Title Tags, Meta descriptions, alt tags, internal link structure, header tags, keyword density, content creation, etc.
  • Content Marketing – We create content calendars, conduct topic research, and build out targeted content to drive rank increases and traffic for your website.
  • Quality Link Building – Manual inbound link building using sites with a high domain authority.
  • Next Generation Analytics – We utilize state of the art analytics software to combine and interpret data to optimize your campaign.
  • Local SEO – Our Orlando SEO experts focus on building up your local rankings to help drive traffic and visits to your website. If you have a physical location, this method also helps increase your brand awareness through local map packs in search results.

ROI Driven SEO Services

The main purpose of any campaign is to drive revenue or leads to a website. Our proven tactics have resulted in over 450,000 leads generated for our clients in the past 6 years.

Average leads per year

Average first page ranks

A.I Algorithm Updates

Google has taken their algorithms to a new level by integrating next generation Artificial Intelligence. Their algorithms now use machine learning to identify and optimize the way they serve search results. This makes it much harder to rank for top level keywords, especially without a strategic plan of approach.

Our digital marketing specialists work to create integrated strategies designed to work with algorithm updates to ensure your website stays compliant. We regularly update our strategies to keep within guidelines while also ensuring your website thrives in organic performance.

Orlando SEO Integrations

Is your website built in WordPress or Shopify? Our developers and SEO professionals will work to integrate your platform with our SEO strategies and tools to enable you to manage your own campaigns! If you aren’t ready for an agency to handle your day to day SEO tasks, we can still help. Our strategists will teach you how to use these integrations and provide monthly insights on how to improve your performance for a lower monthly rate.

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Satisfied Customers

“Shan helped us set up our Adwords campaigns and within 2 months we were getting almost 3,000 visitors to the website from them. We generated almost 200 leads thanks to his conversion optimization services.” Jay U.

“Working with Shan was a pleasure. He understood the details of our business very well and worked closely with our team to develop a strategy that helped us increase our revenue 30% over the previous year.” Michael G.

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