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88% of users are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience
Everyone knows how important first impressions are. We dress our best for interviews and meetings in the hopes of impressing the person on the other side of the table. Why should your website be any different? It’s your first impression on your customers from all over the globe. SimplySearch builds beautifully crafted websites designed to impress and convert your visitors.


We research hundreds of websites and hand pick the top performing design features to develop a website that will generate leads and conversions.


A website built from the ground up by an agency that focuses on SEO means your website will outRank your old site in search results. When paired with our SEO services, you can even outRank your competitors!


A SimplySearch website will enable your business to outGrow your competitors. Our responsive web design services are tailored to your specific growth requirements.

Establish Brand Identity

You need a website that doesn’t just connect to your visitors, but also represents your brand accurately. We believe in designing a website that personifies your company and also grows your traffic and conversions.

Top Web Design Agency in Orlando

We’ve spent years honing our skills and have been listed as one of the Top Web Design Agencies in Orlando for 2019. When you choose to have a website built by SimplySearch, you’re getting a website that uses the latest website design strategies as well as one that’s up-to-date with the current SEO tactics to help your website rank on Page 1 of Google (When paired with our SEO services)

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Featured Case Studies

Intelligent Web Design Company

Did you know that 39% of people will leave a website if it’s images take too long to load?

On top of that, 38% of people will stop engaging in a website if the content or layout is unattractive. 

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it a great one with a site built by SimplySearch. Every website we build includes:

  • Thorough Competitor Analysis – Before we begin designing a site for you, we will analyze the websites of 5 of your top competitors to identify which features are successful in your industry.
  • User friendly design – When we design your website, we aim to keep everything user friendly. We want your users to find the information they need as quickly as possible.
  • SEO Optimized design – With every new site, we optimize the design to be SEO friendly. We want your website to rank well in search engines and so we begin this work at the very beginning of the design process.
  • Lead centric layouts – Your website is there to generate leads, we build our websites with this goal in mind to ensure every design feature leads to a conversion for you.
  • High quality content – We all know how important content is. We work with some of the top writers in every industry to ensure you receive the best content possible for your website.
  • Mobile friendly, responsive design – Every website we build is 100% responsive and mobile friendly. We even optimize the images so that they load fast on cellular networks. Your website will always be presented at its best regardless of the device your visitors are on.

Satisfied Customers

“We needed a new website desperately to help us increase our membership numbers. Working with SimplySearch was really easy and they created a gorgeous website for us. I’ve already recommended them to several of my friends in the fitness industry for their own websites!”
Jesse W.

“Working with Shan was a pleasure. He understood the details of our business very well and worked closely with our team to develop a strategy that helped us increase our revenue 30% over the previous year.”
Michael G.

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